“For us, a budget is a detailed, strategic document that delineates how a property will be managed.”

Steve Kaminski, President


At Colonnade Management, a budget is more than columns of numbers - it’s a strategic document that delineates how a property will be managed. It includes all aspects of property management including revenues and expenses, leasing and capital expenditures.

Given this, we at Colonnade put significant thought and resources into the budgeting process and subsequent reporting.

  • At the outset we ensure that there is an absolute and mutual understanding of what we are trying to accomplish in a given year and translate that into a budget that reflects the agreed upon objectives.
  • We ensure that the budget structure is flexible, meeting your specific information needs. Our goal is to make your job easier by giving you complete, updated information that shows any variances.
  • Detail, detail, detail: The amount of detail we include, combined with thoroughly-researched assumptions and our collective years of experience, gives us a competitive edge and sets us apart from other property managers.